Weekly RoundUp 14.2.20

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Welcome to the Weekly Roundup!

Classes went really well this week, we’ve had lots of fun, despite the weather! #stormciara


We are launching Cardio Central Online this weekend!

Mel has (and still is) been really busy filming workouts, editing and building a new section of the website, ready for this membership to go live!

We will be sending a separate newsletter out with the membership information in it so keep an eye out!



We had a very busy class this week! We worked on dexterity through ball skills, balance and focus and we played a very funny game of Duck, Duck, Goose!

Half Term next week so no FFC – Healthy Homework will be sent via the WhatsApp group.


Another great class, a few faces missing, we hope all is well and we see you back next week!

If you haven’t tried RockBox yet and you would like to, comment below and we will sort you out with a discount for your first class!



Mel was back teaching Kettlebell Express and she has spotted a few people that need to increase their weights so be warned!


Boy did we feel that class last night!

Rosie D stepped up and did 6 tracks last night, she is well and truly back!


Mel was sent through some products to review from FemFresh, some of the ladies in class very kindly had a photo taken to promote the campaign.

If you want to find out more, go over to Mel’s Instagram profile www.instagram.com/themummytraineruk and check out the Product Review post!


Can you help us by leaving a review on our Facebook page?

This would really help other people to see how awesome we are 😉

Check out the video we created to show you exactly what you need to do, it’s so simple!

That’s all for this week, comment below if you attended and tell us how you feel today!

Fancy some Rock in your Workout?

So Hannah and I took a road trip to Chesterfield today to do a course – I’ve seen this program and these lovely ladies grow in popularity over the last year and I decided we needed to bring it to Birmingham!

RockBox is an incredible program, very inclusive and fun to teach!

I’m not a massive Rock fan (unlike Hannah) but I loved the Masterclass and I can definitely see myself teaching this!

We had such a laugh on the course today and passing has made us both very happy (and relieved)

Well done Sharon and Jade, you delivered a great course and we are looking forward to bringing this program to our area soon!