When I became a mom, I suddenly realised that I had very little time to myself and looking after two kids was exhausting!

I wasn’t getting any younger and I needed to do something to feel more energetic so I could keep up with my kids and feel better about myself!

I became a Fitness Instructor because I enjoyed teaching and being able to help people with their Fitness Journeys.

As my career in fitness progressed,  I wanted to help more people and I was always being asked by friends/family overseas if I could train them online.

I also discovered that some of my students struggled to get to classes due to lack of childcare and others wanted to do more workouts with me on days that I didn’t teach.

So I decided to put together an online workout membership that was affordable and people could do from home!

I also wanted my students to feel comfortable working out with a familiar face who could keep them motivated at the same time!

What is Cardio Central Online?

 Cardio Central Online (or CCO for short) is an affordable, online fitness workout membership. 

There is a library of workouts to choose from and new workouts are added regularly.

You can access workouts from any device and choose from a selection of workouts tailored to suit your fitness level/ability.

Who is Cardio Central Online For?

Cardio Central Online is suitable for anyone wanting to get fit or improve their lifestyle!

If you can’t get to class or the gym, you want to add an extra workout in at home or you are short on time, then this is the membership for you!

Benefits of CCO

Why Should I Join?

Can you answer yes to one or more of the following:

If you said yes to any of these reasons, then you need to sign up today!

How Much Is It?

CCO is £14.99 per month, you get instant access to all of the workouts that are online right now!

What do I get?

Join Today and Get Your First Month for Just £9.99!

Still not sure?

Have a look at some of the comments from our students at Cardio Central!


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