New Year, New Start?

As the beginning of a new year draws close, people often feel pressured to make resolutions, especially regarding fitness.
The wording resolution can have the opposite effect of what is intended and plays a big part in people failing within the first few weeks.
As a fitness professional, we are taught to set goals for our clients, and by using the format we are shown (FIIT, SMART, Short/Medium/Long Term), we can create New year Goals for our clients and ourselves.
I would ask anyone, fit pro or not, just to think differently about our aspirations for 2023 and really focus on achieving them by planning, instead of writing resolutions that are so vast, they become unachievable.
I’ve decided to follow these four rules I believe I can apply them to any kind of goal:
Is there something that I have wanted to learn for a while? 
It could be a new hobby or something I’ve wanted to find out but haven’t made time for it. Do you want to try a new class or a better way of cooking healthy food thats cost effective?
What am I currently doing that I would like to be better at? 
There are quite a few things that fall under this category but my focus is definitely around improving my work/life balance in 2023. Do you struggle to find time to exercise? You need to make it part of your self care routine and treat it as a non-negotiable.
What do I really like doing? I need to be able to enjoy the goals that I’ve set for myself or what’s the point? 
If you want to exercise and eat better, then try lots of different classes until you find one that you like and different ways of cooking foods that you enjoy. You are more likely to stick to your goal if you enjoy it!
What can I get rid of that I no longer enjoy or that makes me feel bad about myself?
You could be referring to any part of your life with any of the above titles, it could be clothing that you’ve kept because it was a gift/expensive/a bargain but it doesn’t fit, people who make you feel bad about yourself or are unsupportive (do not feel obligated to be around people who make you feel that way!).
My suggestion would be to make a list under each heading, (just brain dump) then cross off the ones that aren’t that important until you are left with the ones that you really want to do.
If you want help with your health and fitness goals, then we can help – Just send us a message and we will be ready to support you!
Please don’t feel pressured to set any goals but if you do, remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream 🙂

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