Back to School Preparations!

Summer tends to be a quiet time for a lot of fitness classes, people are on holiday and quite often exhausted after having their kids at home all day!

We get it, most of you know I have two children myself and keeping them entertained is no mean feat! Plus, Summer Holidays can be very expensive when you are trying to keep young people entertained!

I decided to run a reduced timetable this year – The Family Fit Camp attendees fed back that term time would be more suitable for them, it also made more sense to launch PWR Beatz properly in September so that left us with Thursdays and our very popular Kettlebell Express and Glow Beatz sessions!

A lot of work goes into planning new classes, here are a few of the things that take place when launching a new class:

  • Venue Hire (often paid in advance)
  • Flyers (designed, printed and delivered)
  • Social Media Posts (created, edited, published)
  • Playlists (new choreography to be created/learned)

All of the above takes time and money and is an integral part of what fitness instructors do – Teaching the classes is the easiest bit (and the most fun)! 

We are looking forward to bringing back a full timetable in September, we have tried to make sure that the classes are varied so you have lots of options to choose from!

We always encourage feedback and a lot of the changes we have made for September have come from you, so please make sure you continue to share your thoughts with us!

You can access our full timetable here:

If you have any questions, you can email:

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